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    2018 Spring Registration is OPEN!!

    Registration for the Spring 2018 season is now open.  To register, please click the button on the right.  If you are uncertain of the correct level or if you are in the CP boundaries, please email for more information.

    Note:  all softball is closed at this point.  Quick Ball & Connie Mack C is closed as well, but registrants can choose to play B with 14-15 year olds if desired.  The other divisions have very limited availability.

    Connie Mack Baseball Summer Registration is now OPEN!

    Registration for Connie Mack summer baseball (ages 13-16) is now open!  The season typically lasts from late May thru mid to late July.  To register, please click the button on the right.

    2018 Sponsorship Opportunities - Registration is OPEN!!

    Registration for Sponsorship Opportunities is now open.  We have greatly simplified our opportunities for 2018, with each business/person registration at minimum getting their name on a team's jerseys. 

    On the home page of the registration is a complex listing of the opportunities, but opportunities include Team, Outfield Sign, Preferred Sign location, Scoreboard advertising, and Snack Bar naming.

    Sponsorships will be accepted until March 16th!!

    Sports Unlimited Bat Store - CPYA Discounted Prices

    Sports Unlimited, a big sponsor of CPYA baseball and softball, has a store open with discounted prices on the 2018 bats.  This is a great opportunity to quickly receive their new bats in advance of the season at great prices.  To receive your discounts, please click here.

    2018 Spring Calendar of Key Dates

    Here are some of the key dates for the 2018 Spring season (many still TBD): 

    Spring Registration Ends February 18
    Dicks Sporting Goods Day February 24
    Parents Travel Baseball Meeting March 5
    Spring Practices Begin March 17 (weather permitting)
    Complex Maintenance Day March 10
    Opening Day April 7
    Picture Day April 7
    League Day 1 (Parade, Slugfest, Cowplop) April 29
    League Day 2 (Minors/Major Champ Games, Coaches Softball) June 2
    Rotary Carnival June 6-9


    CP Prospects - CP New High Level Travel Teams

    Our new Tournament Team program is seeking a 16u Coach for 15-16 yr olds and a 14u coach for our 13-14 yr olds.

    Our 18u team is up and ready and scheduled to play a 10 Tournament schedule in summer and we are anxious to get our younger players ready to go also .

    These teams are NOT subject to boundaries of Connie Mack....we will invite all players from all areas to come try out in spring, but we need to put coaches and tournament schedule in place asap.

    This program will subject the boys interested and make the team to the highest level baseball for their age group in the Mid Atlantic Area.

    If interested in coaching please contact Joe Cleary at 484-919-4106

    Snack Stand Information

    Concession Cash is available at both concession stands.  $1.00 certificate redeemable for Snack stand product.  Buy $10.00 and get 2 free certificates.


    Dibs, Dibs, Dibs!!!!

    We need your help, Please volunteer!!!

    CP Fundraisers

    Throughout the season, various CP teams will be running fundraisers to support their efforts.  Please visit our Fundraisers page to learn more about the opportunities.

    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Central Perk Youth Assocation

    New Bat Regulations

    The below link will show you a list of the USA approved bats for the 2018 season.  

    When purchasing a bat, please be sure it has a USA Baseball logo somewhere on the bat. They are usually near the handle.

    If you are uncertain about your current bat being legal, please check the BBCOR/BPF label.  If it says 1.15, it is NOT LEGAL and cannot be used in 2018.  CP will be releasing more details in the coming weeks.

    For more information, check out the FAQs for parents listed below.


    All games to be played as scheduled